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Happy Christmas in July! There’s something about celebrating this holiday in the warm weather that makes it so fun, since we’re usually spending Christmas in the freezing cold. Not only that, but it’s just another excuse to throw a celebration this summer. 

If you happen to celebrate Christmas in July, or are invited to a themed party, you might have no clue what outfits to wear. You’re used to wearing sweaters and holiday dresses to your family’s houses, but that won’t really be weather-appropriate. Even if you’re not going to a themed party, but still might want to dress for the occasion, we can still help you out. 



Maybe one of your friends wanted an excuse to have some people over, and decided to throw a party in honor of this unofficial holiday. I would suggest wearing a red or green bathing suit, if you have one. Wear a festive bikini and pair it with a pair of shorts, like Mad Hatter’s Light Denim Distressed Shorts. If you decide to wear a red bathing suit or top, be even more festive with the green Lola Leaf Earrings. If you opted for green, maybe pair it with the Watermelon Popsicle Earrings to go full festive. Of course, if you want to not go as full out, choose a pair of hoops from Coco + Dani’s gold collection. And to top of the look, add a cute Christmas hair accessory, like a headband or clip that you could find on Amazon. You’re gonna look so adorable in all your Insta pictures! 

Light Denim Distressed Shorts   The Lola Earrings  Watermelon Popsicle Earrings


You could have nothing planned, and just happen to stumble across some Christmas movies that are airing on the Hallmark Channel. You could make it a fun night with your family, and whip up some Christmas treats, from the Holiday Baking Kit, and cocktails while watching all your favorite holiday films. Personally, I would wear my favorite pair of Christmas pajama pants with a super simple tank top, like our Basic Seamless Tanks Top. Or, you could bring out your favorite ugly Christmas sweater and wear it with The Hampton Shorts . This is a super simple Christmas in July celebration, but it is the perfect activity for a summer night in with the family. 

Holiday Baking Kit  Basics Seamless Tanks Top  The Hampton Shorts


I think one of my favorite ideas is throwing a cute Christmas in July brunch with your best girlfriends. You could bring your favorite dishes that your family makes on Christmas morning, put up some Christmas themed summer decorations, and take the cutest photos! I would suggest wearing your favorite dress with a cute pair of heels and a festive accessory. I think a cute black dress like our Ginny Longsleeve Dress is perfect for the occasion. I think it resembles the classiness of a holiday party, but can still be dressed appropriately for the summer months. Wearing this dress with a cute pair of red heels would be such a statement and subtly shows your Christmas in July spirit. Pair it with the Shimmer Hoop from Coco + Dani, or anything else from the gold collection to bring in the gold details of the dress. Now you have the perfect holiday party inspired brunch outfit!

Ginny Longsleeve Dress  The Shimmer Hoop

I think one of my favorite things about the holiday season is the motivation to give back or donate to your community, or just make others feel special. Sometimes the holiday season is hard for people, and they need extra support. That doesn’t mean the holiday season is the only time to show your support for people. I think it would be a great idea to have a day where you perform good deeds for people and your community, as a way to celebrate Christmas in July. Some ideas are cleaning up your local beach, paying for someone’s meal, volunteering, or simply just giving someone a compliment. You might be out all day, so you want to dress comfortably. I would wear an easy top, like our black V Neck Tank. I would tuck this into a pair of denim shorts, like our Lainey Distressed Shorts. Be sure to wear your favorite pair of sneakers, but they have to be comfortable since you might be on your feet all day. And to finish the look off, I would wear the Gucci Designer Bucket Hat. The red and green classic stripe is not only super fashionable, but also the perfect way to subtly show the Christmas in July spirit. Now you have a super simple and comfy outfit for your day of good deeds! 

V Neck Tanks  Lainey Distressed Shorts  Designer Bucket Hats

Hopefully this gives you some outfit inspo if you’re doing anything for Christmas in July. And if not, just some cute outfit ideas for whatever you decide to do this weekend :)