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HOW TO STYLE: Your Favorite Pair of Jeans

I know every person reading this has at least a few pairs of denim jeans. We all have a few different styles in a few different washes, so we have a pair to go with any outfit. Even though we have multiple pairs of denim, I know we all gravitate towards the same pair no matter what the occasion. It’s the pair that we feel our best in and will continue to wear until they are completely worn out. 

I have to be honest and say I completely just described myself. While I love all the jeans I have, I really only wear the same pair. I’m able to create so many different outfits with this one pair of denim, that it doesn’t even look like I keep re-wearing the same jeans. 

Today I am going to explain different ways to style the same pair of jeans for different summer activities. This comes in handy especially when packing for a summer vacation, so you don’t have to overpack your suitcase. In general, this can show you how you don’t need hundreds of styles of denim to make a cute outfit. As long as you have your staple pairs of jeans, you will be set for years to come. 

I will be showing how to style the Boyfriend Jeans from Mad Hatter. The medium to dark wash pairs well with everything, and the looser fit is flattering on a lot of body types. This pair has some distressing on the knees which gives them an added detail. It is the perfect everyday pair of denim. 

Boyfriend Jeans


When I think of a cute Sunday brunch with my girlfriends, I always think of how cute the pictures will be in our outfits! Brunch calls for fun tops and accessories. I actually want to make an outfit around the Elena Sun Hat, because I always associate brunch with the cutest statement accessories. Because I’m adding a hat to the look, my top is going to stay simple, like the Bethany Frill Top. I also love the Not So Basic Top and think it would look great with a pair of jeans, sandals, and the hat for a cute brunch with the girls. You could pair almost any shoes with it that you desire, whether you want to wear sandals, wedges, or espadrilles.

Make sure to get the cutest pictures in your brunch outfit!

Elena Sun Hat  Bethany Frill Top

Not So Basic Top


A shopping day calls for a super comfortable and casual outfit. But, you still want to look cute as you’re doing your errands. WIth the boyfriend jeans, I would pair them with a cute and comfy tank or tshirt. I like the look of the Satin Ruffle Spaghetti Strap Top, because it’s very simple but the ruffle detail elevates the look. If you get cold, you could always throw over a light cardigan. You could also choose to do a plain cropped short sleeve shirt, or even a graphic tee with a flannel tied around your waist. I’m sure if you wear a shirt like the Friends - Wedding Dress Episode tee you are bound to get a lot of compliments. And to top off the look, wear your favorite white sneakers so your feet are comfortable all day.

Satin Ruffle Spaghetti Strap Tank    Friends- Wedding Dress Episode


These jeans can definitely be perfect for a night out if paired with a dressy top. I would wear these jeans with the Lace Trim Top, making sure the top is tucked in to give us some shape, and possibly add a black belt. The lace detailing makes this top sexy but classy. If the lace is not your style, opt for possibly a cute blouse, like the Neutral Polka Dot Sleeve Top. Make sure to also tuck this top into your jeans so you’re not lost in fabric. Add some strappy black heels and sandals and you have the perfect date night outfit!

Lace Trim Top    Neutral Polka Dot Sleeve Top


For a coffee date, I feel like you could go for a variety of different looks. It depends on if it’s a casual coffee date with your bestie, or if you’re meeting up with a guy and walking around after. I’m gonna come up with an outfit that could fit for either end of the spectrum. Surprise surprise I would opt for something casual, because you don’t want to look like you’re trying too hard for a coffee date. I would go for the Summer Nights Cami, because it’s cute and simple, but not too simple if you see what I mean. And depending on the occasion, you can add whatever shoes you like. I could see this paired with a pair of white sneakers, or a simple sandal like the Lincoln Sandals

Summer Nights Cami  The Lincoln Sandals

These are just ideas, but I hope I inspired you to find that one pair of jeans that you can constantly wear and never get sick of. And there’s plenty of other outfit combinations where those ideas came from :)