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It's Taurus Season! 5 Characteristics of a True Taurus

Welcome to Taurus season! In honor of Coco + Dani’s new Zodiac Collection, as well as the official start of Taurus season, let’s go over some of the typical personality traits of this earth sign. For my people with birthdays between April 20th and May 20th, let’s see how true of a Taurus you actually are. And if you’re not, well don’t worry because your time will come soon. For now, think of someone you know who is a fellow Taurus, and see how accurately they resemble the typical traits of this star sign.


Let’s get one thing straight. NOTHING gets in the way of a Taurus. They are the type of people to never give up on something, no matter how complicated the task might be. They will do whatever it takes in order to get the job done, because they love the sense of accomplishment they feel after finishing a task. These bulls have a level of ambition that nobody can mess with. 


Name a Taurus you know that doesn’t analyze everything, or just lives their life with no plan in sight. I’ll wait. If you couldn’t think of one, that’s exactly what I expected. Usually, a Taurus loves a life that is stable and consistent. They are usually very organized, which goes along with the stable lifestyle they seem to know and love. No one better mess with their plan, or else you might get a very unhappy Taurus. 


A Taurus is such a natural born leader. If a Taurus is ever working with a group of people, they are the ones that want to take charge. They are a dominant breed, and love the feeling of being in control. Since they are so logical, everyone ends up coming to them for advice anyways. They are full of common sense and have a methodical approach to problems or situations, naturally making them one to look up to. 


One thing a Taurus usually never is in: a rush. They are usually the ones that tend to be slower paced than others, maybe even a little late to some functions! They prefer to take their time whenever they are making a decision, because they want it to be completely analyzed and thought out before acting on it. They do not want to make any mistake, and want to weigh all their options before making any concrete decision. 


If one of your loved ones happens to be a Taurus, you are lucky. They are so loyal and dependable that they make such great friends. They are so generous to the people they are surrounded by. They are known to be a sign that is very caring and compassionate. A Taurus will always be honest with you, because they’re relationships are built on trust. As soon as you establish trust with a Taurus, they will always express how much they care for you.

So, how do you compare to these characteristics? Are you a true Taurus? While this doesn’t nearly cover all the characteristics of a Taurus, I thought that these five were pretty important. In honor of Taurus season, Coco + Dani is giving a 15% discount off of the Taurus necklace, from April 20 - May 20. Use the code Taurus15 and get your necklace just in time for the season!