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Meet Coco + Dani! By Mad Hatter Emporium

Welcome to Coco + Dani! Founded in January 2021, this jewelry line offers a little bit of everything. No matter what your style is, Coco + Dani offers both statement pieces to spice up an outfit, and basic pieces that can be worn on a daily basis, no matter the occasion. Coco + Dani jewelry allows our customers to express their unique style through pieces that you cannot find anywhere else. There is something for everyone, whether you’re into simple gold, bold beads, or classy acrylics. We want to show off the fearless woman you are. By staying on top of the current trends, we stand by being a brand that is #notyourmothersjewelery. 

Both Coco and Dani have been working together at Mad Hatter Boutique in Broomall, PA for years. They became best friends and wanted to create a business that they were both passionate about. They’re goal is to create pieces that make women feel empowered. 


Coreen, otherwise known as Coco, is one half of the duo that started Coco + Dani. She wanted to create a brand to help women embrace their style and beauty, and somehow in the crazy process she learned how to embrace her own! Her goal for the brand is for women to feel like their authentic selves whether their style is refined and delicate or bold and fierce!


Danielle, Dani, is the other half of Coco + Dani. She was inspired to make the brand in order to create cute, fun jewelry that is #notyourmothers and getting to partner with her bestie! Her goal for the future is to make this brand a household name. 



Our team of interns help our company grow by getting our name out to the public. By posting content on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and TikTok, our social media interns are increasing our followers on all platforms. They’re showcasing our products and giving it an aesthetic that will attract customers to the brand.


Katie Brennan is a sophomore at Saint Joseph’s University. She is majoring in business administration  with a minor in marketing. When she came across Coco + Dani, she knew the environment, company mission, and wonderful people would make a perfect match. She’s always loved working with fashion and accessories! The ability to work as a social media intern for an amazing company founded in Delco, her hometown, is the perfect job she could have ever asked for. She feels that her creativity and initiative to help grow the company will be a great addition to the team. 


Courtney Mongulla is a junior at Fordham University. She is a communications major with a minor in fashion studies. Coco + Dani attracted her because it is a new brand that she thinks has so much potential for the future, and she loved how Coco + Dani has so much passion for making women feel special! She knew immediately that she would fit in with these amazing people, who all are so motivated in making this brand succeed. She has always been interested in social media marketing as a way to grow a business, and wanted to apply what she knows about these platforms in order to help Coco + Dani grow, while learning more from what the team has to offer.


Julia Kimber is a sophomore at James Madison University. She is majoring in marketing with a minor in entrepreneurship. She was very interested in Coco + Dani because entrepreneurship inspires and excites her the most, and being able to join a team of female entrepreneurs who have such clear visions and goals for the future was very appealing! She thought her creativity would be a great asset to the brand, and thought this position would be the perfect opportunity to share her creative abilities.