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Mother's Day GIFT GUIDE!

Mother’s Day is just around the corner! This is the perfect day to express how much you love and care for your mom, especially after the crazy year we’ve all been through. Sometimes it’s hard to think of a gift that can appropriately show her how much she means to you. If you’re still looking for the perfect present, we have a few ideas that we hope can help you out. We have gifts for all kinds of moms, and have put together a list of some items that could be the perfect Mother’s Day gift. Check out our recommendations down below!

Self - Care Lover:

This can be the perfect way to show your mom that she should set aside time for herself for a well-deserved spa day. You can help her out by providing everything she’ll need for a nice and relaxing night.

1. Fresh Eucalyptus Shower Bundle

2. Happy Hour Bubbly Bath

3. Coconut Milk Bath Bombs

Summer Lover 

I KNOW we have some moms out there that are counting down the days until summer. Get her one of these items, and you know she’ll love it based on her love for the beach. To top it off, she’ll have some new items that she will get to wear all summer long!

1. Shore Vibes Necklace

2. Sea Shell earrings in White

3. Floppy Sun Hat

Wine Lover

Is your mom the type to wind down after a long day with a glass (or a few) of wine? Then these items would be the PERFECT gift for her. Top it off with a bottle of her favorite wine and you’re all set! 

1. Wine Down Earrings

2. Truth Sayings Stemless Wine Glass

3. You had me at Wine Candle

Boujee Mom

Give your mom her designer fix with one of these items. These items are so adorable, and make the perfect gift. It will be her new favorite accessory to any outfit! 

1. Upcycled Heart Earrings with Swarovski Accent

2. Designer Bucket Hat

3. Designer Inspired Leather Headband

Jewelry Lover

Shout out Coco + Dani! We wanted to show off some jewelry pieces that we think would be the perfect gift for your mom, no matter what her style is. These are just a few recommendations we have. 

1. Simple Bracelet - The Twist Cuff

2. Beaded Earrings - Gia Dangle Earrings

3. Show some love - Open Heart Necklace

For Any Mom 

If all else fails, get her something that says “mama.” Pair one of these items with a gift card to her favorite restaurant or store, and add her favorite treat. Pretty straight forward but still shows off your affection!

1. Mama’s Juice Tumbler

2. Mama Tee

3. Super Mama Sweatshirt

Whatever you get your mom this Mother’s Day, she’s gonna love it. Bottom line: make sure you tell her you love her. Give her a call, or spend the day with her. All she really wants is to spend time with you!