Delaware License Plate Paint Can Candle

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Delaware License Plate Pint Paint Can Candle. Burns approx. 80 hours. Available in the following scents: Ocean Breeze: Let this candle take you straight to the beach with fragrances consisting of essential oils with orange, citrus, seashore, and violet. Surf Wax: Our signature scent with a pineapple base, iced lemonade, orange peel, grapefruit ,raspberry, frosted coconut water, fruity musk and raw vanilla. Coconut Lime: Our refreshing summer scent bursting with lime, orange, coconut, and vanilla. You will feel like you are living on your own tropical island. Sea Salt: Enjoy the fresh scent of sea salt which blends jasmine and cream with a fruity infused hint. Island Moon: A mix of fresh lemon and rosewater mixed with floral scents and hints of lavender, lily, and amber. Pink Grapefruit: A mix of grapefruit, orange zest, and a light musk for sweetness. Campfire: We love the smell of our Campfire with it's mix of pine, balsam, and citrus bergamot with hints of earthy sandalwood