The Brew Book: MEGA SAMPLER Tea Set

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Raise your hand if you've ever been personally victimized by boring tea companies. ((raises hand)) Introducing: The Brew Book.

This mega sampler is a super chic keepsake for tea (and secrets).

Includes (2) two samples of each of our Snarky Tea blends: (2) Calm The F**k Down (2) Fierce B*tch (2) Get Your A** in Bed (2) Get Your Sh*t Together (2) Namaste Motherf**ker (2) Wake The F**k Up (2) Cleanse (2) Detox (2) Dream (2) Energize (2) Recover (2) Unwind That's 20 for you and four for Glen Coco.

You go, Glen Coco. And by the way, the rumors ARE true... Lipton totally made out with a hot dog.